Preparing Your Autistic Child for Halloween

Ah the excitement of Halloween night is upon us! For some parents, the giddy excitement sets in as they design/create their child’s costume and prepare for the night out full of candy that they get to munch on the next morning. As for some other parents, Halloween...

FAQs for ABA Therapy

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions by parents with children who are on the spectrum and hope that they might be of use to you!

Law Enforcement Officers Handling Children with Autism

First responders are a vital asset to our every day lives. They encounter multiple emergency situations a day where they are trained to handle various types of individuals. When it comes to dealing with a child who has autism, there are many things that law...

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the understanding of learning and behavior for autism treatment. ABA Therapy applies social, communication, and learning skills through constructive reinforcement. There are many other conditions that ABA treats,...

Get to Know: Dr. Robert W. Montgomery

To help our patients have a better feel for our staff, we will be doing a “Get to Know” series to introduce our awesome staff! To get started, get to know our very own Licensed Psychologist and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, Dr. Robert W. Montgomery. Dr....

Sleep Consultation Services for Children with Autism

It comes as no surprise that kids experience sleeping difficulties as early as 1-4 years old. However, kids with autism have even worse, sometimes more elaborate problems. Research shows that it is estimated that between 40% and 80% of kids with ASD have problems...

Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to our new and improved website and our first blog post! We have created a welcoming and informative homepage that allows you to find all the information you need to know about our clinic and what we offer. There are listed services that we provide as well as...

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Common Questions

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the standard of care to improving the developmental issues associated with autism. ABA is a science, a way of thinking, and a holistic approach to problem solving and skill development. ABA therapy, when provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, is considered the single most effective way for individuals to overcome the challenges of an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities and is likely able to improve the quality of life of your child and help them reach their full potential. Endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General, ABA therapy focuses on human behavior and is able to increase desirable behavior and minimize unwanted behaviors.

How will ABA therapy help my child?

ABA therapy will address the developmental deficiencies identified during an initial assessment of your child’s functioning across dozens of areas. With children on the autism spectrum, this often includes areas of verbal communication, like the ability to converse with parents and peers, request items, and communicate emotions and needs. Nonverbal communication, like making gestures and understanding social cues, can also be developed.

Other important target areas of ABA include social skills, play skills, potty training, self-care skills (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.), and day-to-day living skills (getting dressed, table manners, etc.).

Does ABA therapy work for Autism?

ABA therapy is the gold standard for a clinically-validated and heavily researched approach to helping children with autism according to both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Autism Council reports.

When is the best time for my child to begin ABA therapy?

Simply stated: the earlier, the better.

Plenty of clinical research has demonstrated that children who start ABA therapy as early as possible (~2 years old) make the most significant improvements in their areas of deficit. In fact, children who received early intensive ABA therapy progressed to the point of being virtually indistinguishable from their neurotypical peers.

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Are your staff Board Certified Behavior Analysts?

Reinforcement Unlimited has both Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technician’s/RBT’s in Training. BCBAs are required to have a Masters or Doctoral degree and complete thousands of hours of supervision.

What are your RBT/RBT’s in Training qualifications?

Our direct therapists are required to be completing their Bachelors Degree, to have completed their Bachelors Degree, or be pursuing a Masters Degree. Hiring therapists fresh out of high school seems to be a norm in the ABA world, but we aim to have the highest standards in the industry.

Do you perform background checks on your BCBAs and RBT/RBT’s in Training?

Every staff person of Reinforcement Unlimited is required to complete and pass a variety of background checks, assessments, a multi-stage interview process, and reference checks.

What is the age range of children you serve?

Clinic Clients: 18 months to 7 years old

Is your therapy one-on-one with the children?

Therapy is one-on-one: one child, one therapist.

Do you have a summer program?

Our clinic runs year-round, and our team carries out therapy in the summer months with additional fun & innovative activities.

Do you offer parent training?

Yes. Parental involvement in treatment is crucial for any client who is participating in ABA therapy

I want to bring my child to the center, but they attend school during the day. I know they need ABA therapy, but doesn’t the law say that if they are over six years old they have to be in school?

No, it only requires that you register them as home schooled if you choose not to enroll in an accredited public or private school. For some children being in a traditional school meets their needs, but unfortunately for many young children with Autism they need more intensive and higher quality instruction that meets rigorous ABA standards.

I have more questions and would like to talk with someone on your clinical staff. Who should I contact?

If you would like to speak to someone regarding services, check out our contact page. The best way to reach us is by phone or by filling out an email inquiry