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Play & Social Skills Groups
for Children and Adolescents


Pre-School Play Group
Groups designed to involve social, motor, and especially language skills through fun activities with skilled ABA/VBA therapists.  Our groups focus on the essential skills identified in the ABLLS-R as building block skills with positive interactions with skilled therapists and age-appropriate peers.  Each group has two experienced therapists involving the children in positive activities which emphasize development of language, social, and motor skills necessary for play with typical peers.  Groups are organized for children between 24 and 48 months of age.  Group size is typically limited to four children ensure optimal interaction with both adults and peers for every child.  

Please contact us if you are interested in your child coming and playing with us!  770-591-9552

Five & Six Year Old Aspergers Group
This group is designed to focus on social skills. Topics have included: being a good sport, inviting a friend to play, greetings, getting along, body language, emotions, expressing emotions, and how to deal with othersí feelings.  Each group has two experienced therapists involving the children in positive social activities.  Each session will offer free time to work on art or have a snack.  Please send a drink and small snack with your child to each session so they can participate in this activity.  The groups are typically limited to six children to ensure optimal interaction with both adults and peers for every child. 

Essential Social Skills Groups
The goal of our Essential Social Skills group is to increase functional social skills that your child can use in everyday social settings.  Our groups focus on reinforcing positive behaviors such as following instructions and routines, functional communications skills, and positive non-verbal communication skills such as eye contact.  Each session will run 90 minutes and will concentrate on a different skill.  Homework is assigned to increase the generalization of skills beyond the group session.  Skills typically worked on in group include: all about me, feelings, sharing, waiting, and politeness. We are open to suggestions from parents, so if there is something you donít see just let us know! Essential Social Skills groups are typically divided by age;  8 to 10 years old and 10-13 years old.  The groups are typically limited in size and will be on a first come first served basis.  Fees: $60 per session or $300 for six sessions.  Essential Social Skills Groups are not insurance billable.

Advanced Social Skills Groups
Experience shows that people with Aspergers can commonly have problems dealing with Anxiety and Anger.  In addition to Essential Social Skills Groups, Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC is offering specifically focused groups for high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome children and adolescents with issues of Anxiety or Anger.  Our approach is what is called Cognitive-Behavioral which has the vast majority of the research supporting effective intervention when working with people with AS.  Specialty Aspergers groups are run by Dr. Robert Montgomery and may therefore be insurance billable, please inquire.  

Call 770-591-9552 to enroll or enquire.  We will be delighted to answer your questions about our groups.  


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