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Sleep Consultation Service

We at Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC  are very excited to offer a Sleep Consultation Service to parents.  Sleep is one of the most taken-for-granted aspects of our children's lives and yet disruptions in sleep are very common among children with an Autism Spectrum disorder.  

"Who's turn is it?"  That is a question that parents of newborns are familiar with and most parents can laugh about by the time their child is a toddler.  For parents of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder that question often remains all too familiar well past having a toddler.

Sleep is critical to a child's:

  • Development

  • Health

  • Well-being

The most common forms of sleep disturbance for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder reported were:

  • Settling

  • Night Waking

Sleep disorders may worsen daytime mood and behaviors such as self injury and aggression in children.  It has a negative impact on cognitive and academic skills in all children.  Research indicates that sleep deprivation also has a negative impact on sustained attention, memory, complex language tasks, and visiospatial skills.

Who are we:
Dr. Robert Montgomery has been consulting on sleep issues with children for over a decade.  He has presented on the topic of Sleep and Autism Spectrum Disorders local, national, and international conferences.  He is one of the only practitioners who routinely includes sleep as a factor in his comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of children suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Our consultants have training and experience with consultation on various behavioral issues and in parent training.  We work together with parents to formulate a workable plan that is based on the child and what the research literature indicates is most likely to benefit the child and their family.

The Process:
We provide clinic and in-home consultation on improving your child's sleep and your family's overall health.  

  • The process begins with a careful review of your child's records to determine if there is a need to refer you for additional medical evaluations.  A central goal of our consultation services is to determine if additional medical assessments need to be completed in order to ensure the health and safety of your child.   

  • A detailed interview is conducted that focuses on both night-time and day-time routines and behavior.

  • Parents are often asked to give us detailed information on the process of their child getting ready for and going to bed.

  • We can proceed by asking parents to record information about bedtime routine for 3-15 days in order for a detailed analysis of patterns and routine.

  • Or, portable data collection equipment can be temporarily setup in your home in order to record the sleep process for analysis by our team.

Once sufficient information is collected, and possible medical issues are resolved or addressed, the team will meet with the parents in order to present a detailed plan to address the sleep disturbance.  Parent education and instruction in various techniques may be a part of the plan developed jointly by the parents and the Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC staff.

Contact us for further information on the Sleep Consultation Service or to make arrangements for your initial appointment.  


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