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Parent Verbal Therapist Program

Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC is pleased to offer our Parent Verbal Therapist Program for parents who may be relatively new to the area of verbal behavior.

Why take a course on Verbal Behavior Analysis?  The National Academy of Sciences Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education published the seminal work on what the science does and does not say about educating children with Autism in their 2001 book: Educating Children with Autism.  We at Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC urge every parent and service provider to read this critically important work.  Our approach to teaching language and other critical skills to children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder is based on the techniques and principles endorsed as the most effective by the National Academy of Science.  

Taking a one, two, or even three day workshop can be an exciting and uplifting experience – particularly from an engaging speaker.  However, workshops from people that come into town and leave can only provide the participate limited functional skill in a very complex and demanding area.  Our course is designed to help develop real skills through an ongoing relationship and provide the participants the time to absorb, integrate, and practice the skills with multiple and on-going opportunities for asking questions and receiving feedback and mentoring.  We believe that this is the best way to truly develop meaningful and effective skills – and isn’t that what your child deserves?

The course covers behavioral techniques for teaching language to children with autism or other language delays from an analysis of verbal behavior perspective. The course uses a unique combination of text, lecture, discussion, video examples, email support, and individualized video assignments that participants present at course meetings for feedback. 

What is covered in the course?

  • Determining appropriate learning objectives for your child (throughout the course) via the ABLLS
  • Developing positive teaching environment and maximizing motivation to learn difficult skills
  • Behavioral teaching techniques: prompting, fading, shaping; discrete trials, errorless learning, and correction procedures (structured and naturalistic settings); session environment management
  • Teaching each of the verbal operants and learning skills: requests; imitation; vocal imitation; receptive skills; matching to sample; labeling; receptive by function feature and class; and conversation skills in both the teaching and natural environments.

Each of the topics is presented so that the parent and instructor can customize their learning experience by focusing on the topics and level of information that are appropriate for their own background as well as the skill level of their child.

How does the course work?

This is an intensive course that involves a unique combination of:

  • A course workbook based on the training we have given to staff, parents, and professionals over the last 10 years; the materials include text, written exercises, and video examples of teaching techniques
  • Assignments to present at course meetings, which are moderated by course instructors that include ongoing opportunities to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and talk with the course instructors and other parents and professionals
  • Individualized video assignments, which are presented for written feedback and a brief follow-up consultation

We are excited to be offering The Parent Verbal Therapist Program.  The focus of the class is on development and improvement of functional communication skills through the use of Verbal Behavior Analysis.  Parents are taught the essentials of the VBA approach to teaching language and other skills.  VBA is based on Applied Behavior Analysis and includes contributions by B.F. Skinner, Mark Sundberg, James Partington, and other behavior analysts.  ABA is the best research supported approach to development of skills in children on the autism spectrum of any approach available today according to the National Academy of Sciences

Your child must have a current approved ABLLS prior to enrollment.  If an ABLLS is needed we offer a reduced fee for those enrolled in the PVT Program.  Classes are limited to 8 parents.  Course schedule will be determined by interest.  If we have 4+ parents interested in a specific time - day of the week we will be happy to meet their schedule.  For additional information, contact Dr. Robert Montgomery, BCBA at 770-591-9552.


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