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Professional Service Fees


 In-Home  Min. 3 Hours/session4 & 7 $50/hr


 Sr. Behavior Therapist 7   $60/hr
 Masters 7 $90/hr
 BCBA 7  $125/hr
 BCBA-D 7 $150/hr
 Licensed Psychologist + BCBA-D 7 $175/hr
 Day-long: Masters2  $950
 Day-long: PhD2  $1750
 Telephone3   Hourly

Clinic-Based Evaluations7

 Comprehensive Diagnostic5 $1900
 Comprehensive Diagnostic + Neuropsych5 $2500



Social Skills Groups1

 Pre-School Play $40/session
 5 & 6 Year Olds $60/session
 Essentials  $60/session
 Advanced   $75/session
Records Fees
 Retrieval and/or Copying of Records8 per GA Regulations

Dr. Robert Montgomery is a network provider for several of the more common Insurance Programs in Georgia as a Psychologist.  Dr. R Montgomery is also a provider for TriCare as both a Psychologist and Behavior Analyst, and Dr. C Montgomery as a Behavior Analyst for TriCare, United Healthcare's Autism Program, and the TriCare ECHO and Demonstration programs.  More information is available on our Insurance Page.  We make no representation regarding what, if anything, insurance will cover on any given day of the week.

  • All fees are based on the nature of the service delivered not simply who performed the service.  Direct therapy provided in-home is $50 per hour regardless of whether a direct therapist or an Associate with BCBA performed the therapy.  All program consultation, data analysis, program development, etc. are billed at the appropriate professional involved rate (e.g., Dr. R Montgomery attends IEP meeting = $175/hr)

  • The above fees cover standard consultation, evaluation, and service delivery and do not include forensic services or travel.

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first appointment in order to complete required paperwork.

  • Fees for evaluations are payable 50% of the total at the time of the initial appointment, with the balance payable at the time of the feedback appointment.  Feedback appointments involve reviewing the evaluation with parents, answering questions, and providing a final written report.   

  • 48 hours notice is required for all cancelled appointments.  Payment for the appointment is required for all missed appointments not cancelled according to this policy.  Insurance carriers are not responsible for miss-appointment fees.

  • Forensic service includes any services which involve attorneys, court proceedings, hearings, or otherwise require contact with the judicial system or its officers (including evaluations done at the request of or involving attorneys).  Forensic fess are arranged on a case-by-case basis and billed in 1/10th hour increments, including initial phone contact.  We remain the final arbiters of what constitutes a Forensic case for these purposes.

  • All forms provided or submitted for reimbursement clearly indicate the staff person who provided the services. 

  • Timeliness in communication regarding in-home services is essential.  Due to the nature of the services occurring in the child's home it is essential that concerns regarding billing must be submitted within 90 days of receipt of the invoice in order to be considered.

  • We do not provide services related to custody.  Lawyers like to claim that Adoption, adult conservatorship, visitation, etc. are not "custody" cases.  That's fine for them, but in our world any case involving who has the legal right to control access to another person is a "custody" case.  We remain the final arbiter of what meets our definition of "custody case".

  • We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any appointment for which the patient is 15 minutes or more late.

  • There is a $45 Returned Check fee for all checks returned by the bank and we reserve the right to require alternative payment (e.g., credit card, certified check, etc.) in the future.

  • Fees current as of  7/1/15.

  1. Sessions are typically 60 Min for Pre-School and 90 minutes for other groups.  Groups in clinic may at times be time-limited when there is a specialty topic for the group (i.e., 6 sessions for Anxiety, etc.).  Advance payment for group participation is required. 

  2. Day-long consultation fee for In-State consultation not involving overnight stays.

  3. Initial telephone consultation of up to 15 minutes is available free-of-charge for private practice individual cases. Telephone consultations that occur during the course of services which exceed brief (<5 minutes) time are billed at the normal rate for the person providing the consultation in 1/2 hour increments.  Insurance does not typically reimburse for telephone consultation.

  4. The universal standard for therapy, be it the insurance standards or the professional standards of various organizations like the APA, ASHA, etc., is that a therapy "hour" is 45-50 minutes of direct contact with the patient with the remaining 10-15 minutes devoted to required record keeping and other administrative requirements.

  5. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first evaluation appointment.  The Comprehensive Diagnostic fee is for payment at the time of services and is a flat fee for those evaluations paid for at the time of service and includes all direct assessment time (i.e., meeting with the family, testing of the child, etc.), administrative time (e.g., records review, forms completion, etc.), and report generation (e.g., scoring, analysis, synthesis, and writing of the report).  Insurance companies require that fees be billed for services in hourly increments with specific CPT codes (e.g., 90801, 96101, etc.) and broken out for the various services with specific fess associated with each.  There is no guarantee that, even with insurance, any or all fees associated with the assessment will be covered by your insurer.  Please check with your HR department and/or your insurer regarding coverage issues.  You remain responsible for all fees associated with our services even when we first bill your insurer as a courtesy for you.

  6. ABLLS-R assessments are for treatment planning and are not diagnostic in nature.  They are therefore NOT billable to insurance under most circumstances.  An ABLLS-R assessment includes the time with the child, parent, and other informants as well as time scoring the results, writing the report, and reviewing the recommendations with the parents/caregivers.  Time is billed in 15 minute increments and includes travel time.

  7. Fees listed are for direct services that are paid at the time of service in cash via standard invoice, they do not apply to Forensic Evaluations or IEEs.  Services that involve pre-approval, authorization, renewal, formal updates, lawyers, administrative procedures, and that involve extensive clerical support and administrative time are billed at a higher rate.  For further information please inquire.

  8. O.C.G.A. 31-33-3 sets the costs related to medical record retrieval, certification, and copying and may apply to your records request.  We are not permitted to re-release records that originated from another source (e.g., school, medical, etc.) and those records must be sought from the original source directly.  We are not permitted to copy or distribute copyrighted testing materials except under specific circumstances.  Personal notes by the professional are not available for release or distribution.  

Information on nearby accommodations for those traveling to our clinic are available by clicking here

This information is also available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format -

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