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In-Home ABA Services

Our approach to working with each child:

  • is completely positive

  • focuses on building skills

  • is individually tailored to meet each child's unique needs

  • focuses on keeping children motivated to learn

  • is the best research supported approach

The curriculum addresses the major issues common in autism, and identified by the National Academy of Sciences as essential:

  • understanding and using language

  • building broader social skills

  • communicating with and relating to peers

  • building age appropriate and symbolic play skills

  • increasing conceptual thinking and cognitive skills

Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC trained therapists work one-on-one with each child closely monitoring emotional responses in order to match the difficulty of the material and method of instruction to the child's ability level and rate of learning.  All our therapists hold at least a bachelors degree and have extensive training specifically in research supported treatments for autism spectrum disorders.  Supervision of each child's program is provided by one of our masters or doctoral associates or consultants with regular formal progress reviews.

In addition to the individual ABA/Verbal Behavior Analysis program, parent training, programs to address problem behaviors, and a range of behavior analytic services are offered through our In-Home Services program.  Our focus is on helping your child gain skills in language and social areas through the use of state-of-the-art behavioral interventions.  

We provide behavioral assessments, parent & staff training, program supervision, and quality monitoring for VBA/ Sundberg-Partington in-home programs.  Each of our program supervisors is board certified by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board™.

We offer three alternative routes to implementing ABA/VBA treatment for your child in your own home.  

  • The Direct Service model offers trained staff from our clinic who come to your home to provide ABA/VBA services directly to your child.  This approach has the best research support for improving a child's skills of any offered - anywhere.

  • The Workshop model is an alternative that is particularly popular with parents in California, Florida, and New York.  This model involves our developing a specific curriculum for your child and then for you and members of your team to attend training at our Clinic on the implementation of that curriculum with your child specifically.  We also provide on-going supervision and hands-on training in implementing your child's program in your home, and program monitoring and development from Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC. 

  • The Parent Verbal Therapist model is designed to build meaningful and practical skills beyond the limited understanding offered by attending one or even two day workshops.  The process involves meeting weekly over a ten-week period with ongoing mentoring. 

Each model has its positive features and no model is right for every family's circumstances.

We are unaware of any major insurance carrier operating in Georgia that covers In-Home ABA services other than the U.S. Military's ECHO Program through TriCare which is open only to Active Duty personnel.  However, we are always open to learning about changes in practices and policies of insurers.  Attached is our checklist on how to seek information from your insurer about possible coverage for In-Home ABA services.

Please call 770-591-9552 for further information.


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