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IEP - Educational

Developing a tailored program for your child's education is a daunting challenge.  Guidance and support through that process from someone who knows both the educational issues and the science behind effective interventions can be critical.  Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC offers consulting to parents on the development of scientifically-sound educational plans that stand the best chance of developing effective skills for their child.  

Many ask: "What is the difference between an 'Advocate' and an IEP-Educational Consultant?"  Often, in our experience, Advocates have terrific training in the educational regulations, what the law says, and how to follow the essential procedures of the IEP process.  However, most - again in our experience - do not have the training and experience in the science to offer sound professional advice on what treatments, techniques, interventions, and therapies are most likely to benefit the child.  This is the role of a well-trained and experienced IEP-Educational Consultant.  The answer for us is simple - our consultants bring two important sets of expertise to the IEP process for you.  They are both certified Special Education teachers with direct experience in the classroom implementing IEPs and have training and supervision as Behavior Analysts designing and implementing science-based interventions for children with educational and behavioral needs.  Our consultants are not there to advise on regulations or the law.  They are there to advise and consult on the core issue - the entire reason for involvement in Special Education in the first place - how to best educate the child.  

Consultation can occur at a variety of levels of intensity.  Each level involves more time and commitment by our consultants.  Each situation is different and each family will determine the level of consultation that is right for their circumstances.

  • Basic Level:  We are available to review the current IEP and other treatment plans and make recommendations to you regarding refocusing, altering treatment/educational methodologies, improvement in data collection to determine if progress is in fact occurring, and a host of other recommendations.   This process involves providing us with access to all the IEP/Treatment records and meeting with our consultants at Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC 's clinic.  This process will prepare you to be more informed and effective in your next "Team Meeting".

  • Intermediate Level:  In addition to reviewing the records as in the Basic Level of Consultation, we can conduct probes on your child's skills independent of the schools or therapist in order to provide you with a second opinion regarding progress and generalization of skills.  This process can help reassure you that progress has been achieved or can provide you with additional data to help you bring the issue to the attention of your child's current teachers and therapists.

  • Advanced Level:  In addition to the Basic and Intermediate Levels of consultation, at the Advanced Level our consultants will accompany you to meetings with educational and therapy service providers to assist in presenting our analysis and recommendations for refinements in the services offered to your child.  While we are not there to serve as Advocates or Attorneys we are able to speak directly to the current service providers about our recommendations, explain our reasoning, and answer questions about practical implementation issues that arise in the process of revising the current interventions.

We look forward to assisting you in refining your child's educational and therapy experience and increasing their rate of progress.  We offer additional services to address issues like Evaluations, additional services in the home and in the clinic, parent training, and other issues.  

If you have any questions regarding this, or any other, service provided by Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC please contact us.  


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