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Functional Behavioral Assessments


Everyone has bad days.  Some children have more than their share of them and some problem behaviors seem to go on endlessly.  

The people who love them and care for those with problem behaviors try what they know to solve the problem, but sometimes that's not enough.  The Functional Behavioral Assessment focuses on how to go about systematically addressing each of those behaviors that make for routinely bad days and replace them with behaviors that make for great days!  This evaluation is for those who want to focus on the development of new skills to replace problem behaviors by solving the causes of the problems and finding solutions. Our FBAs are conducted in a three-tier approach to performing Functional Behavioral Assessments.  

What is an FBA?  Functional Behavioral Assessments are  a problem-solving process for addressing problem behaviors.  The FBA focuses on identifying the purposes of specific behavior and to guide and  select interventions to directly address the problem behavior. Functional Behavioral Assessments should be integrated throughout the process of developing, reviewing, and, if necessary, revising a behavior plan, both in school and at home.

A Functional Behavioral Assessment looks beyond the behavior itself. The focus when conducting an FBA is on identifying significant and specific social, affective, cognitive, and environmental factors associated with the occurrence (and non-occurrence) of specific behaviors. This broader perspective offers a better understanding of the function or purpose behind the  behavior. Behavioral intervention plans based on an understanding of the function of the behavior are extremely useful in addressing a wide range of problem behaviors.  The research indicates that behavior plans developed as a result of a comprehensive FBA are 50% more likely to be effective than programs developed without going through an FBA prior to implementing a behavior intervention plan.

FBAs are required under certain provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) when behavior becomes a factor interfering with access to educational services for a child with an IEP.  There are other circumstances where an FBA is either required or necessary to adequately serve a child in the schools.  A properly conducted FBA should naturally lead to the development of a clear and specific Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that is driven by an understanding of the function (or purpose) of the behaviors of concern and that has clear and concrete interventions that are measureable.  Real FBAs lead to more data collection to determine if the conclusions were accurate or not. 

Dr. Robert Montgomery has been training students, staff, and parents on how to conduct FBAs across the south for nearly two decades.  The staff of Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC are well trained and experienced in conducting FBAs in school, homes, and wherever there is a need to more fully understand a behavior problem in order to improve the adult response to those behaviors.  We offer consultation on FBAs, perform FBAs across settings and behaviors of concern, and routinely train others in how to conduct an FBA properly and effectively.

We appreciate your visiting our website.  We understand that the process of seeking an evaluation for your child can be overwhelming and frightening at the same time.  We have been there with our own children and hope that this helps us in being better equipped to work with you.  If you have any questions at all about us, our practice, whether we are the right fit for you and your family we encourage you to call and talk to our staff and ourselves.  We aren't always the right fit, and if we are not  we will do our best to provide you with resources that best meet your needs.  

Call us at 770-591-9552 to discuss your child's needs.

A handout on what information we need in order to provide you the best evaluation possible is available to guide you in preparing for the initial evaluation appointment.


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