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Does Reinforcement Unlimited Certify Therapists?


About a year ago we have had several inquiries about "Certified ABA Therapists" that prompted writing an article to explain that there is no such thing.  

More recently we have had several calls asking us to confirm that we "Certified" an in-home ABA therapist.  This was confusing because we have already stated, in the article linked to above, that no such thing exists.  Well, apparently in-home therapists who worked for us briefly, briefly, in the past are using their former affiliation as in-home therapists with us as a marketing technique in order to gain families for their services.

Reinforcement Unlimited does not now, nor have we ever, "certified" therapists.  We do train our in-home therapists to implement the ABA programs developed by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts™ (BCBA).  Our training is on how to work with children and implement programming that is written by someone with extensive graduate training, supervision, and experience in the area.  We have some fabulous in-home therapists, and good direct therapists are essential to great ABA programming.  We value their hard work, their dedication, and their input to us on how the child is doing in their ABA program.  However, they are not BCBAs and are not qualified to independently design, develop, implement, or otherwise run ABA programs without the ongoing supervision of a BCBA or equivalent supervisor.

We refer callers to this website and specifically to this article when they want to know how to find qualified staff to assist them with ABA programming:
"How do I Hire a Qualified Behavior Analyst?"

We refer callers to this article when they want to learn about what a BCBA is:
What is BCBA™ anyway?

We realize that families are free to hire whomever they choose to work with their children.  We feel honored every time a family chooses our company to support them.  We are also aware that this is often a huge financial burden for the family and do everything in our power to minimize that cost while maintaining the highest standards for the program.  These factors are why we are willing to provide the range of supports for families from consultation to full program development and implementation for them.  It's also why we have published our fees on our website and make everything as transparent as we know how to in order to empower the family in making the decision that is best for them.  To the best of our knowledge we remain the only company providing in-home ABA in the Metro Atlanta area that has published its prices for services so the family does not have to come into the office and meet with a marketing team just to find out what the costs are involved in these services.  

Fees are not the only factor in making a decision about treatment for a child.  We think its important to look at the qualifications and skills of the staff.  In the two instances that we are aware of where former in-home therapists have used their former affiliation with Reinforcement Unlimited as a marketing technique neither is eligible for rehire with our company.

As always, if you have questions about anything you find on our website - please call the office and we'll be happy to assist you with additional information, resources, and/or referrals.  Thank you.


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