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Problem Behavior Solutions:

Behavioral Consultation

Reinforcement Unlimited, LLC provides consultation on how to deal with behaviors that pose a problem, are disruptive, dangerous, or simply inappropriate.  We routinely consult to parents, schools, and agencies.  Our interventions are designed to focus on teaching alternative positive replacement behaviors whenever possible.  The overall goal of our consultation is the reduction of targeted behaviors of concern.

All our interventions are based on your needs and our analysis of the function served by the behavior.  Understanding the function of a behavior allows us to alter how the child gets their needs met and to increase appropriate behaviors that meet that need at the same time that we are reducing the behavior that brought us into the picture in the first place.  At the heart of this process is the Functional Behavioral Assessment.  

Problem behaviors are widely acknowledged as the most challenging and stressful issues faced by parents and schools related to special needs children.  In special needs children problem behaviors are less likely to spontaneously disappear than in typically developing peers.  Early intervention utilizing evaluation techniques included in the FBA process are essential in preventing such behaviors from moving beyond the level exhibited by typical peersResearch is clear that interventions that do not focus on positive replacement behaviors for problem behavior will be unsuccessful in the long-term elimination of such problem behaviors.  

Our interventions for problem behaviors focus on critical elements identified in the research literature and through practical experience as essential for effective programs:

  • Curriculum content that emphasizes direct instruction in basic skills

  • Highly supportive environments

  • Focus from the outset on generalization of the skills taught

  • Predictability and routine

  • Functional approaches to problem behaviors

  • Plans for transitions

  • Family involvement and coordination across adults

  • Earliest possible intervention

The research is crystal clear on the issue of problem behavior solutions: 

  • the behavior analytic literature has the most consistently effective interventions available today, and

  • interventions based on a solid Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) are twice as likely to provide meaningful and lasting behavior change.

We go where the behaviors occur - its that simple.  So, if you need us to come to your home, your child's school, daycare, pre-school, gym, or wherever the problem exists we'll do our best to see it for ourselves and help you develop and effective approach to reducing the problem behavior while teaching your child new, appropriate, alternative behaviors too!

Please contact us for an initial consultation or to speak to one of our consultants.  770-591-9552.


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