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Books on Asperger's

There are loads of books available today on Asperger's Syndrome.  Like any other topic that has sudden popularity, not all those who rush into print have extensive experience, insight, knowledge, or solid information to share on the topic.  Caveat Emptor is the best suggestion in this area (as in so many areas).  

The best single source of books on Asperger's available is Amazon.Com.  There again, I recommend that one approach the Amazon review process with a bit of healthy skepticism.  While nearly every book available in print today is available through Amazon, that means that there are a lot of great books, some average books, and some rather terrible ones available.

The single best source of information about those books is a website run by an Aspie (his own term for himself) called AS-IF.  Many of the most popular books are reviewed there in a straightforward and informative manner.  I highly recommend the site in general and the book reviews in particular.  Much of our information is informed by our having read the material on that site.

The single best sole source of information on Asperger's available, without reservation or hesitation, is Tony Attwood's Asperger's Syndrome: A guide for Parents and Professionals ($18.95).   When a professional book sells over 10,000 copies the publisher considers it a success.  At last check, Attwood's guide has sold over 300,000 copies and has been translated into more than 15 languages.  Dr. Montgomery, according to Amazon.Com, owns 37 copies of the book.  Of course he only has 2 left as he has given away 35 copies and had uniformly glowing thanks from those who received a copy from him.

Another wonderful source of information on Aspergers and adolescence is a book by a thirteen-year-old with Aspergers.  The book, Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence by Luke Jackson, is delightful.  Interestingly, this is Luke's second book - his first was on his GCFC diet.  The book is informative, refreshing in its honestly and openness, and reasonably comprehensive.  It really is hard to imagine a thirteen-year-old writing a book about himself and how it is to be a teenager with Aspergers but Luke Jackson has done it and done it well.  This is a great book for the youth with Aspergers who is confused or their parents.


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